Bank of America (with Drive-thru ATM)

14299 Tamiami Trail, North Port, FL 34287, USA

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David Joseph
March 18, 2022

Went in with a customers check written on their BoA account. They have 1 person working so the line was literally out the door. 30 minutes later I finally get to the teller and am told I can not cash the check because it is too large however for $25 they will convert it to a cashiers check. 20 minutes later I am told there is some problem with the check they can't disclose and they will not be giving me the cashiers check and I have to deposit it in my bank. They insisted the check was good, they just couldn't accept it and wouldn't tell me why. Really? IT"S DRAWN ON THEIR OWN BANK!!!! I can only say I am glad this is not my bank anymore and if you are here doing research my best advice is FIND A BETTER BANK. I am aware I will receive a stock reply about how disappointed they are that I had a bad experience. How about you just fix the experience instead of receiving literally 9 out of 10 1 star reviews?

Gareth Edwards
March 24, 2022

After holding out for 17 years with the Bank of America I finally closed my accounts today. I feel a weight lifted from my shoulders. Never again will I need to wait for ages in line whilst the one teller on duty mismanages her customers. Never again will I have to argue to get what's rightfully mine. Sadly, they even made closing my accounts hard work today. After waiting in line (as per norm) for over 40 minutes I managed to withdraw my current balance, but they could not close my account in the branch. Their advice was to call up the number of the customer services by phone. WHY oh WHY can't they manage to complete simple exercises like this whilst I am physically there in the branch. I changed my main account to BB&T (now Truist) a couple of years back and I have received absolutely wonderful service from them (Thank you Mrs. Quigley). Please Bank of America - Take some lessons from your competitors before you chase everyone away.

Rafael toribio
April 12, 2022

Worse bank hands down, understaffed is a understatement and people have to wait out side sometimes because they get backed up. You are better off going to another location and driver further to get what you need done because it will probably save you time and frustration. The staff member walking the floor was kind but the teller was a bit rude but she was probably having a bad day since there were soo many people complaining on the wait. ATM also has issues with making deposits from time to time.

Gina Shea
March 01, 2022

Time to relax some of your restrictions and let people in the bank. Long lines outside, long line once inside. How about more than one teller and a drive thru teller. Ridiculous!!!

Sheldon Willis
February 02, 2021

They refuse to answer the phone here, when they finally did they just put the phone on the side completely ignoring me. Little did they know they forgot to mute it so I could hear everything they were saying. They have terrible customer service and I do not recommend them!

Bank of America (with Drive-thru ATM)

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14299 Tamiami Trail, North Port, FL 34287, USA

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