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1083 North, Toledo Blade Blvd, North Port, FL 34288, USA

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Robert Sisson
March 22, 2021

Wonderful atmosphere, great staff (compromised in part.of the owners), fantastic food prepared by the renowned chef and fun crowd. Also cooking classes once per month to boost ur culinary talents. A sure win. Check it out. And best of all, Robert the owner and chef is a Veteran.

Drew Z
November 27, 2022

A local Gem. Excellent tapas style food and a substantial beer/wine selection, great atmosphere and now a regular menu 👍🏻. This place is a real charmer with a small but well thought out menu and friendly staff. Perfect for date night or having a few beers and some excellent food.

Xaviar Fideli
December 14, 2019

I was recommended by a local that I met, who's review is on here as well. She was spot-on very cozy very small place highly recommended. I'm a certified chef and I was most impressed with the service quality and speed at which the small plates were served. The owner and his wife are there all the time, the owner being the chef. He is a United States Navy veteran and the place is very veteran-friendly. Great place to chat all the regulars are extremely outgoing and very friendly. You will enjoy yourselves I will definitely be going back.

Rebecca Warner
August 05, 2022

I feel conflicted about our experience at Tapas 1 and hopefully this review will just be viewed as advice from one customer’s perspective, and not taken to heart with a bitter response from ownership as some of the other reviews have been. Kim took care of us and was very friendly and explained the environment and menu to us as it was our first visit. There were 6 of us, in town visiting our family and checking out the place because we’ve been wanting to for a while. We ordered a round of beer and wine and the kids got a soda. About five minutes in we were asked if we were doing another round, but we were still finishing our first and said we were not ready for another round just yet and we were not going to be having food. We haven’t been together in a while and were catching up, maybe about ten to fifteen minutes later, and Kim placed our check on the table. Now I am a server for a living and I understand people taking up a table in a busy restaurant and them not ordering can be frustrating. However, there was not much happening in the restaurant and no one was waiting for a table, and we had not been there that long. It felt like she wanted us to leave. We were actually going to get another round because it was raining and we really enjoyed our beverages but felt like we were being rushed out. Overall the place is lovely inside and the wine is great but it felt like because we were not ordering food or drinks fast enough, we were not really valued. As I said, I am a server and I understand the industry but placing checks on tables without them asking feels wrong. Maybe it’s an old-fashioned thing that most don’t think anything of. Hospitality is not about rushing people because they don’t have a high tab within 20 minutes.

Amy Kenyon
February 28, 2022

Wow! You feel like you are on vacation in Spain at this place. The owner is super friendly and inviting. Nicole was just the best! The DJ, Paul, picked just the right music. He was friendly and contributed to the awesome atmosphere. Even the chef made delicious food and was so kind to check on us to make sure we enjoyed it- even while we were sitting at an outside table. This really is quite a special place. I wish it was located in Sarasota so we could go more often. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! We had forgotten what it was like to have a nice and delicious relaxing dinner with a glass of good wine and great food.

Tapas 1

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1083 North, Toledo Blade Blvd, North Port, FL 34288, USA

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