Woody’s Local Neighborhood Rum & Grille

2408 Surfside Blvd, Cape Coral, FL 33991, USA

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Pablo Rodriguez-Etxeberri
July 22, 2021

I must update my previous review of this place, came before COVID, even one time after for just the live entertainment, ordered beer and food later had a good time. However my most recent visit was anything but welcoming; me and my friend walked in and were informed we must order food before any drinks could be ordered... This is some new policy that I know nothing about or simply judgment of who just walked in, plus our server was very rude to us, said we must leave if not ordering, well we weren't allowed to order what we wanted. I had eaten at work 30 minutes previous and just simply wanted to have a beer and order food later; I won't be back.

Crystal Badger
June 23, 2019

Woody's is a nice, casual, laid back restaurant. We went at 12pm, so it was a little hot inside, I guess the A/C hasn't fully kicked on being that it opened at 11am. We wanted Nachos with black beans, sausage, cheese & tomatoes, but they were no longer on the menu to our disappointment. We asked our server, Stephanie about them & she asked the chef if they could make them. They did. We were so happy that Stephanie went above & beyond instead of just telling us they were no longer available. We also order the Shrimp Tacos, blackened, which were delicious, and Mai Tais. The Mai Tais were reallly good. I had them at Hurricane Grill, and Woody's were so much better. I do reccomend them. I also ordered the Philly Cheesesteak sandwich to go for my husband, and he was very impressed. I will definitely make Woody's a regular hangout.

January 22, 2022

Visiting from Michigan and loved this bar & grill! Ordered onion rings, southwestern egg rolls, and California baha wrap. Delicious!! They are changing ownership and it will be called Torched. Highly recommend this establishment. Great prices and a very friendly staff.

Teresa Welch
October 29, 2021

Well I decided to try Woody's for a second time under the new ownership. Well let's begin with the decor. One- I didn't see them really change much as far as the decor. Two- When we got to our table after a bit of wait, they gave us these flimsy paper menus ripped up a little bit. The table had this fan above which made it really windy and cold. Three- it took forever for my bar drinks to get to my table. Four- the appetizer was served with one of the entrees a total No-No. On a positive note the appetizer was delicious, it was the mussels in the white sauce.  I would have liked some more bread with it but it WAS delicious. Another oops was that they did forget to provide the plates to eat them off of and a plate to dispose the mussels too. Had to wait a bit for the plates which made the appetizer a little cold. Five- they took back the entree and did not make me a new one, and how did I know that, because when I got the entree back with my companions entree mine was dry as a bone. Six- they did not have one of the sides that I wanted which was a little disappointing, so I ordered a different one, the sides were very good, the entree which was a teriyaki wood plank salmon it was NOT good, it was very bland and dry. My companions entree which was skirt steak, was chewy as a dog bone, the only thing that saved it was it was a little bit flavorful. Seven-  I wanted to take home a dessert, the dessert I wanted, they were out of, par for the course I guess. Eight- The bar drinks were extremely expensive for nothing fancy at all. I was extremely shocked at the price nine bucks for a bar drink that is vodka and bloody Mary mix seriously wow! Didn't see prices for bar drinks on the menu, my fault, guess I should have asked. Nine- When they brought the bill it was wrong they were charging for sides that was supposed to be included with the entrees which was stated on the flimsy paper menus. It took two times to correct the bill and shall I add AN expensive bill, way to pricey for the meal that we had. They don't even have any soup on the menu, I mean seriously? Needless to say, I hope the owner sees this review and fixes the problems that I have stated. If he does, I may try it again. I would really like to see it succeed, as it's nice to have a neighborhood restaurant to go to so nearby.

February 04, 2022

Server was all over the place never stopped at our table. Drinks tasted like watered down. Friends steak came out over cooked the first time and then when asked for medium how he asked for it to be cooked, came back raw (purple in the middle). Fries were cold. And when I asked for fried shrimp and sweet potato fries meal, because on the menu says under the grilled shrimp meal I can ask for them fried and get a meal, server ended up bringing me a coconut shrimp app (not what I orders). One and only time! Thank you but will never return. New management needs to fix a lot of things because this restaurant won’t last long unless you’re drunk then of course you can enjoy.

Woody’s Local Neighborhood Rum & Grille

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2408 Surfside Blvd, Cape Coral, FL 33991, USA

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